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 Name : Faculty of Accountancy

Location : Prasitthirat Building

RSU opened to teach the program. Accounting in 2529 at that time was a course offered in Business Administration. Later in 2533, Rangsit University. Have been designated as held Rangsit University in 2538. Faculty of Business Administration was approved by the University to change the name of the degree. Originally a graduate degree in accounting And from the University to develop curriculum and teaching to a diverse and meets the needs of the country. Recognizes the importance of education in the development of a comprehensive management of both public and private. And in line with the new technology, has established a College of Business and Government in the year 2545. Which includes the Faculty of Accountancy, Faculty of Business Administration. And the Public Administration Institute All of which have been established for completion in 2546, so the account is opened and teaching since 2546. The establishment of Faculty of Accountancy The University aims to increase production of graduates in accounting. And improve the quality of education into account international standards. For this reason, policy makers and development plans, Faculty of Accountancy has been set up to be framed. Guidelines for the establishment and operation of such Faculty of Accountancy. According to the RSU Plan 2545-2549. Covers the main mission of the faculty, including graduate research services to the society. And cultural

Providing education for personnel development of the country as the quality and potential. The learning process can be used to develop their life is mission critical enterprise education.So the Faculty of Accountancy Rangsit University We are committed to providing education, accounting, emphasizing the importance of the process. Learn coupled with the application of the knowledge of the Faculty of Accountancy to solve. Practical problems correctly and with integrity Educational philosophy of the accounts. Producing graduates account for the quality and integrity of society.

– The knowledge should seek both existing and new education and research. Convey to students
– Instructional Development continues along a major policy focus students on the learning process.
– Service to the society
– Contribute to preservation of arts and culture Thailand.
– Cultivate morality and ethics to students and staff.